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10-Oct-2019 18:19

According to the study by the dating website, Whats Your, blonde men don’t fair very well on the dating scene.

Of the more than 145,000 male members, it was found that in June and July, blonde guys had the least amount of dates, compared to men with other hair color.

(Both salons have a largely Asian client base.)“It has so much to do with the number of Asian-American bloggers who are becoming increasingly visible,” said Greta Lee, an actress who went platinum for the second half of last year.

“There’s an army of Asians who are rising in the fashion world.”Once a so-called editorial look adopted by a select few, like the popular Korean-American model Soo Joo Park, who found fame with her trademark ultralight locks, the aesthetic has paved the way for celebrities, street-style stars and more to follow suit.

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When it comes down to accepting a date with an older gent with grey hair or someone closer in age who happens to be a blonde, women choose the grey hair lads, giving them an average of six dates per month.If that’s the case, the most obvious and quickest way to subscribe to Western ideals of beauty is to lighten your hair.For Liz Rim, a stylist at the IGK Salon in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan who began processing her strands five years ago, blond hair was her way of fitting in.“I grew up in Georgia where everyone was blond haired and blue eyed, and I always had this image of myself as an Asian Barbie,” Ms. “Now it’s crazy because one-third of the Asians I see in New York or Los Angeles are blond.”While Japanese celebrities have been changing their hair color as far back as the 1960s to emulate manga and anime characters, it was only a couple of years ago, on the heels of the ombré trend, that salons in this country began to see a spike in Asian clients looking to go full platinum.Boom: You and Jared Leto now have something in common. If you bleached it yourself, you know the sweaty-palmed anxiety of wondering just how much you'll mess it up.

Cut to you rereading the directions on the box four times just in case you read them wrong the first three times. The terrifying moment when you rinse out the bleach and your hair is all orange and brassy. You seriously consider bringing in photos of George Washington and Draco Malfoy to the salon for color comparison. But while that may be the case for men, women don’t really see blonde guys as quite a catch.In fact, a recent study found that when it comes to dating, women prefer men with brown hair.— and I want it regardless of my hair maybe feeling like hay afterward.2.

In the case of blonde bombshells, they're more like punk girls with piercings and. And unless you want your roots to show – and if you're going to bleach your hair. externals, and they are almost as trend-obsessed as the women they date;.… continue reading »

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Oct 30, 2013. A club where fellow brown-haired girls greet you like a life raft in a sea of. I have been every shade of blonde bleached blonde, dark blonde.… continue reading »

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Aug 10, 2015. Apparently, gentlemen prefer blondes. Or at least this is what we've been taught by Hollywood, from the movie of same name to the fact that.… continue reading »

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