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NEWS: Five minutes befora the hour WOXR-FM 97.7 TIME: 7 p. K' EWS: 15 minutes after everv hour from ABC-FM. Enquirer TV Editor WHEN I WAS a young fellow and rather scrawny I usually took my girl to the beach. I used a soccer-style kick, my weight on my left foot and I spread about a half-pound of sand across his face.

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Later, I saw an ad in a Captain America comic book, it extolled the value of dynamic tension and it was endorsed by Charles Atlas. I was a little nervous at first, but I owed that big slob something. IN THE COURSE of an interview with NBC's Sander Vanocur, Atlas said that the premise on which the mtglzlne ads are btsed actually occurred at Coney Island, N.

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Tactful disengagement from discussions of money remains your best course. 22-Jan-19): Travel, however much off the rush hour it may be, is especially hazardous!

But it has afforded him a significant Income for 46 years.

MEN, take care of your bodies and your boay will take care of you." On the surface, naturally, the whole Atlas thing Is, well, kind of pop art.

Naturally, I was too weak to attack him so I just sat there and played with my rubber duck while my date walked away with the strong guy.