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Instead, you now override the On Initialized method and navigate to the Main Page as you would any other page in your application using the new Navigation Service property located in the bootstrapper.This is what your bootstrapper will look like now: As you can see, you simply register your page for navigation like you normally would, but now you simply specify which page to navigate to in the On Initialized method.With this preview we have support for the following containers: Now, you may be asking yourself what’s new in this latest preview.Well, the navigation has been completely overhauled and the bootstrapping process has slightly changed to support more complex startup scenarios like deep linking (I’ll get to that later).

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This means that you can use an HTTP, or custom, protocol to dynamically create navigation links.The classes' attendees find the demos useful not only in class but after it. The downloads are the result of 13 years of applying .The demos serve as a starting point for new projects, and as a rich reference and samples source. NET and educating the industry about it, covering C#, essential . NET application frameworks, system issues and Enterprise Services.To download demonstrates the required code changes, as well as where to place the fault contracts.

WCF offers a the client a facility for dispatching calls to the service asynchronously.This is strictly a client-side feature, and the service itself is completely unaware that it is being called asynchronously.The client obviously needs a way to be notified when the calls complete and be able to harvest returned values or catch exceptions.The WCF downloads provide some essentials WCF demos as well as a rich reference for contract design, instance management, operations and calls, faults, transactions, concurrency, queuing, security and the Windows Azure App Fabric service bus.

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