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(Frankly, there’s also an argument for looping in your employer even if step #2 does fix the problem, in case he’s doing this to multiple people in your organization or does it to other people in the future.

Professional dancer and choreographer with a strong You Tube subscriber count and resume credits including Glee, American Idol, The X Factor, America's Best Dance Crew and more. He was performing with a dance crew called Destined 2 Be as early as 2008. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in dance and choreography.

Continuing to push anyway is at best rude, and at worst potentially creepy. It’s possible that that will take care of it — that the drop in responsiveness on your side will make him get the message that this isn’t happening. As in: “It was great to hang out with you and other members at the meeting in Ottawa, but I’d like to keep our relationship professional. ” If he’s a decent dude, this will take care of it.

We won’t know where it falls on that spectrum until we see how he acts when you make your desire for him to stop clearer — but for the record, a good guy would have already picked up on it. He might be a little embarrassed, but he will hear you loud and clear and will stop.

He apologized for not talking to me, but it really didn’t bother me. I knew for a fact that he had an entire house through airbnb to himself. He must have realized it was slightly off, because the next day after my meeting he pulled me aside to apologize. Damn Millennials always thinking so highly of themselves (I’m 24). It’s true that from his side, he could be figuring that you’re friends, and you invited him out a couple of times — albeit with a group — and that he’s only now starting to get the “nah, I’m not up for hanging out” messages.

Claimed he was super tired and didn’t realize what he said until that morning. I left after that to do some touristy things with a coworker before our late flight. (Although that answer could change depending on the contents of other text messages and those “couple of weird comments” from earlier.) But at this point, if he really cared about the signals you’re sending, he’d read them as polite expressions of non-interest.

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But first try clearly telling him you’re not interested and see if that solves it. And if he’s not a decent guy, that’s all the more reason to speak up.

And the two of them even bust some moves of their own: Ziegler moonwalks, and Hough breaks into a salsa. Last night's episode of "World of Dance" proves that there's literally an endless supply of talented dancers in this world.

Last night was no different, as eight more groups (all of whom deserved to advance) vied for a spot in the Duels. (We'll get to that.) The 41 still-standing Academy dancers showed up at the Dolby Theater in L. ready to tackle three rounds: contemporary choreography with seven-time Emmy nominee and one-time "SYTYCD" contestant Travis Wall; an "epic group routine" with jazz choreographer and Lucky you!

The 23 year old, who's most recent choreography was featured in Childish Gambino's controversial "This Is America" music video, continues to bring African dance to the forefront of pop culture with the help of Lucky you!

The duo (who are also dating IRL Dancer and choreographer Sherrie Silver is living her best life.

At the start of last night's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance," 41 dancers remained. You get to spend a week full of dancing with amazing choreographers, teachers and dancers!