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The reader will find a strong resemblance between Hannah’s song and that of Mary’s (Luke -55).The spiritual lyric of Hannah is equal to any of the Psalms and is eloquent with the divine attributes of power, holiness, knowledge, majesty and grace.The fact that Elkanah loved Hannah and bestowed a double portion upon her only added more fuel to the fire of contempt in Peninnah’s heart. Barren, she still believed, and her pain found a refuge in prayer.

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Hannah became the mother of the renowned Samuel, and also bore Elkanah three other sons and two daughters none of whom are mentioned by name (1 Samuel )The Bible has been called “The World’s Gallery of Lasting Fame,” and in this gallery the portrait of Hannah occupies a conspicuous place.

And now Aurora from the heavens had rent the mist apart, Sick-souled her sister (Anna) she bespeaks, the sharer of her heart.

Family Connections—Hannah was the favorite wife of Elkanah, a Levite of Ramathaim Zophim who belonged to one of the most honorable families of that priestly portion of Jacob’s progeny—the Kohathites.

All that is recorded of this mother, who was one of the most noble Hebrews who ever lived, is an inspiration and a benediction.

Whether she was as beautiful as Sarah we are not told, but because of her inner serenity she must have had “a very sensitive face, in which her moods were reflected like sunshine and shadow on a quiet lake.” The story we have of her is “a harp-note of the immortal triumph of patience.” Hannah is a beautiful example of how the most unpleasant and untoward circumstances can produce a character blessing the world. Jurst, “sombre and mournful at first, but radiant with faith and hope at last, form the fitting introduction to the narrative of the career of her great son Samuel in his combined character of Judge and Prophet of Israel.” Perhaps we can best summarize Hannah’s career in the following fivefold way—From the record we have of Hannah she appears to have been a woman with an unblemished character.“Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him.” Down she went to her house content for she believed.She was no longer forlorn, sorrowful, heart-hungry, but joyous and buoyant.How his hasty, ill-founded conclusions added gall to the sorrow of her heart.