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21-Dec-2019 01:18

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But on media their split news us also revealed this month, because they are in relationship from a long period of time.

Another important factor to knows that although their wedding is held in this year but she has two children with this husband already before this marriage that shows that they go deep in this relationship, their kids name are Affair with Antwaun Cook Barrino had also this year romantic long relationship with Antwaun Cook.

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Paula Cook has the potential to win millions from Barrino.

It was on September, that this singer made this confirmation that she would be having a boy.

Then it was on December 2011 that she actually gave birth to a son: Professional Life: We know that she is an American singer who gets fame from R&B platform, especially she get fame when she wins a reality television series that shows that how talented this lady.

Just stay update and as any LIVE updates about the personal life of this black beauty are come it must covers at this place.

Email Fantasia Barrino's troubles could just be starting.The "American Idol" winner was released from the hospital Wednesday, two days after an accidental overdose of aspirin and sleep medication.Paula, who has filed for divorce from Antwaun, named Barrino in a complaint filed last week seeking custody of the boys, along with alimony, child support, the family home and a Lexus. Despite tattooing "Cook" just below her left shoulder, Barrino had always maintained until recently that they were just friends.Small ladies, he is accessible and married is obtainable until a pristine divorce is looked by the allies.