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26-Jan-2020 04:30

Well, I think that you are being "just plain sneaky," selfish and borderline sleazy...I really like both of them and would like to continue dating them, do u think that i should continue or i should leave one of them. OK first have a friend ask them about u that way u can see which knows u the best and whoever knows u the best choose him.You want to make sure that whichever one it is, it will be the guy that will treat you right and who will treat you with the most respect.

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So on Friday you are intimate with John, tongue kissing, feeling, touching, caressing etc...Guy number 2 really wants me to be his girlfriend but i can't decide who to choose from because Guy number 1 thinks that we are an item and i have known him longer than Guy number 2. Fromwhat you said thought you should stick with guy number 1 because you have known him longer.Not saying that he want change, but there is least probility that he will.I have been dating two guys and they seem very nice and likes me for who I am.