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10-Mar-2020 18:32

Victoria Rowell - who played Drucilla on "The Young and the Restless" -- is getting divorced, and the backstory to her marriage is fascinating.

Victoria's husband, collage artist and sculptor Radcliffe Bailey, filed to end their 4-year marriage.

According to the settlement, "Each agrees that he or she shall not in any manner disturb, bother, harass or otherwise interfere with the other party."54-year-old Victoria lived in a number of foster homes.

When she married Radcliffe a number of her foster mothers were on hand at the New Hampshire church.

The only thing that they did confirm was that they were great friends and Victoria revealed on a radio show that she’s cooked breakfast for 50 Cent before…hmmmm. After the whole 50 Cent rumor thing, Victoria moved on to the married life and tied the knot with Atlanta artist, Radcliffe Bailey in 2009.

Unfortunately that didn’t last and the two quietly divorced late last year (2014).

Victoria has tons of credits, including "Cosby," "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and 9 years on both "Y&R" and "Diagnosis: Murder." And best of all ...

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Wynton’s grandfather was also a jazz a musician who started it all for their family’s path, he’s the late Ellis Marsalis Sr.

Victoria and Wynton have a son named Jasper, who looks a lot like his Pops.

Abby set that Victoria should stand the direction if it was so top practically, and she embattled the chef vikas khanna dating on her way out.

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They had no children together, so their divorce was pretty simple.