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17-Dec-2019 05:37

Add this functionality to your spreadsheets by creating a short VBA macro that generates links to external spreadsheets on demand. Add the following code in the editor: Sub Add Link() Dim target File As String Dim screen Tip As String Dim text To Display As String target File = "C:\sales\sales1.xlsx" screen Tip = "My Screen Tip" text To Display = "My Text to Display" Active Sheet. Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:=target File, screen Tip:=screen Tip, text To Display:=text To Display End Sub This code creates a Sub named Add Link.

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You could then click that link any time to open the Sales spreadsheet.When you select an item in one slicer, it will automatically select the same item in another slicer.If multiple pivot tables are based on the same data source, you can create a slicer, and connect it to one or more of those pivot tables. Selected = False End If Next si Long exit Handler: Application. Enable Events = True Exit Sub err Handler: Msg Box "Could not update pivot table" Resume exit Handler End Sub The final step is to move the slicers -- the short list slicer will go onto the main sheet, beside the original pivot table.You have the options of hardcoding the locations of the files on the directory - or have them all together in one directory and let the macro figure it out, or add a pop-up that asks the user to locate the file - filetoopen = Application.

Get Open Filename(Filefilter:="Excel Files (*.xls),*.xls", Title:="Find my Calc file", Multi Select:=False). In Excel 2013, you can also use slicers on formatted Excel tables.You can use programming to control the slicers, and this page has sample code that you can use.However, working with documents doesn't just mean using the commands on the Office menu (Open, Save, Close, and so on).