Updating a treo 755p

03-Oct-2019 11:52

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E-mail setup was really easy, as we simply input our username and password for our SBC Global account and within a couple of minutes, the Treo retrieved all our messages.

Web-based e-mail accounts can be accessed via the Treo 755p's Blazer Web browser.

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Of course, many users are willing to put up with the extra bulk for the benefit of a touch screen.

Like previous Palm-based Treos, the 755p boasts a 2.5-inch TFT touch screen with a 65,000-color output and 320x320 pixel resolution.

Like the 680, the smart phone measures 4.4 inches by 2.3 inches by 0.8 inch, but is just a smidge heavier at 5.6 ounces (compared to 5.5 ounces).

Though the 755p features a soft-touch finish and has a solid construction, it's definitely thicker and bulkier than other full QWERTY devices such as the Samsung Black Jack and the RIM Black Berry Curve, so it will make for a tight fit in a pants pocket, and the weight difference is quite evident.

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You can program the four shortcut buttons to open different apps in the Preferences menu.

We finally can put all the rumors to rest as the Palm Treo 755p is real and has arrived on Sprint's doorstep looking all dapper in burgundy and midnight blue.

Replacing the older Treo 700p, the 755p not only sports the two new, fresh colors, but it also features the slimmer design like its GSM cousin, the Treo 680, and brings a collection of small but notable enhancements.

Furthermore, by pressing the option key with the same controls, you can launch another user-defined program; so in effect, you get a total of eight shortcut keys.

The Treo 755p's full QWERTY keyboard is a bit cramped, especially when compared to the Motorola Q or even the Cingular 8525.It's beautiful and classy whereas the crimson model just screams, "Hey, look at me!" The 755p does away with the external antenna and shaves off a bit of weight and depth to make it a sleeker device than the Treo 700p.The buttons are smaller and the spacing between them is tight, so they may give users with larger thumbs more difficulty.