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28-Sep-2019 01:19

An ad that ran on Reddit touted a dating site for "white Europeans" that warns, "Dear women of the West: Without white children we will perish." The ad for White Date.

Net, a promoted post from an account that appears to be run by the dating site, called for a "trad revolution"—trad being short for traditional.

The users submit links, photos and videos to the relevant forums, and the crowd votes up or down, giving posts more visibility the more votes they receive.

Reddit has been investing in its mobile app and recently redesigned its site, long known for a primitive web 1.0 style, to make it easier to navigate.

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Reddit also has a self-serve ad platform to automate the buying and delivery process.

I find these aspects of the book a bit patronising.

In addition, the paraphrased Bible versions can obscure meaning and insert anachronisms.

To the self-righteous, they need the law to bring their self-delusion into view, like King David, when confronted by the prophet Nathan.

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Then the grace of God can be meaningfully and abundantly offered, through Christ Jesus our Lord, who died for us sinners.

Just last month, an ad ran on Snapchat that made light of domestic abuse, asking viewers if they would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.