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13-Sep-2019 12:20

When you apply, you’ll be brought to a screen asking you to choose a loan type, your school, field of study, and citizenship.

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That means your loan can become more expensive a few years into repayment.The entire loan process takes around two to three weeks, so be sure to start your application sooner rather than later.The funds will automatically be sent to your school according to when the school requires it.Is the Federal financial aid you received, along with scholarships and grants, not enough to cover the cost of your tuition?

For some students it’s not, and private student loans can help bridge the gap.This allows you to borrow exactly what you need, so you don’t end up with more debt than you need to.A payment example looks like this: if you borrow ,000 on a 15 year repayment term with a fixed APR of 6.62%, your monthly payment will be 8.07.However, a 0.25% interest rate deduction applies if you enroll in automatic payments, and there are additional deductions that apply for Wells Fargo customers.