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While congregations can get too dependent on clergy, the work of the ministry isn’t a one person job!

So Jesus begins to call to himself a company of preachers.

White folks like to think of his speech as lifting up color-blindness.

The fact is, there is no such thing when it comes to human relations.

He is going to prepare and empower them to expand his own ministry of proclaiming the good news of God’s realm.

He gives them their assignment, but he doesn’t send them out immediately even if they didn’t waste time in taking up the call.

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We talk about “solo pastors,” by which we mean a congregation with one professional clergyperson on staff.

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But Jesus isn’t one to wait around for procrastinators.The start of Jesus’ ministry is linked to the calling of the first group of disciples, all of whom according to Mark are in the fishing business.He invites them to leave their nets and follow him, taking on a new calling – not casting nets in the lake but casting nets into the human world to gather those who are willing to participate in the in-breaking of God’s realm.It is important to note that when Jesus issued the call, the two sets of brothers didn’t ask for time to think about the invitation.

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