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05-Dec-2019 17:16

Something what is normal and obvious for armenina for me it can me strange and unnormal. But I will never understand why his family is more important and I heard it always be... Please I need opisions, advice, some tips how to understand this man.... Last time he said he won't help me in house even if i have kids and many stuffs t odo because this is girls job, only when we are alone I can ask him for help. Armenian boys are spoiled rotten specially the first born ones.When he invite friends I need to serve for them and do not ask him even to bring tea from the kitchen. You know I don't mind to do housework it's natural woman takes care just do not understand how peoples opinion can be more important than person you love.... Their mothers treat them as royalty, in fact they are nicknamed “prince” by that furkish word. As to household chores, they are not encouraged, in fact mothers would tell them not to do girly stuff, they woud say “your thing will fall off”.Definitely this guy is not for you because he is either mama's boy or he is using the family as an excuse.You will find all kinds of Armenian man just like any other ethnic group, I do not believe in generalizations that all men are the same in any race and I'm sure you would know that all Polish men are not the same either.I have problem and I need advice from ppl who have experience.Im with armenian guy, he's older than me 11 years, he lives in Poland 5 years now. We met more than 6 months ago and we are couple 6 months. We got engagement and we were planing wedding in next 2 or 3 months... Whatever his sister says he does, he cannt live without this family, they are the most important in the world and me his future wife ???? I heard lot of bad things about armenian but I wish hear something good, are there any mixed couples , happy wifes who can share with me how to solve problems?Here in Poland in relationships we share everything , we help each others, share not only love but everydays life.

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But I think he want me to became exactly like armenian girl and this is immposible for me.

Once again, Send him packing to his mother or wherever the hell he came from.

Although there are many happily married mixed couples, but as a rule those are exceptions.

My opinion is that Armenian men born in diaspora such as Europe or the Americas to a larger extend anywhere else is pretty much have adopted to the cultural ways of their adopted country.

But some of the men from Armenia proper is still clinging to the old habits, of course not all and it's your luck that this particular Armenian is one of them. The worst thing is that when I asked him if he will be faithful to me his answer is..."I dont know", I wish he could change but I dont know if it's possible..were planing to get marry soon and we were savingsome money 3 months before wedding he sent his all money to his parents ,didnt inform me about...I wish see any change but if this is the culture is not possible ,right? It was nice for you to seek second hand opinion in this love you are not able to reason and hopefully this forum will make up your mind to go find a wonderful Polish husband and lover and tell your Armenian man to go find and marry an Armenian girl. For Armenians "independency of females" is no and no.Dear Women & Girls Community, We are excited to share our plans for the future of women and girls’ coverage at News Deeply.