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Summer is quickly coming to an end for hundreds of thousands of public school students across Northeast Florida. 24Web: Baker.k12us | Phone: 904-259-0401 Teachers begin: Monday, Aug. 24Web: Bradford | Phone: 904-966-6018 Teacher's first day: Tuesday, Aug. 17Web: One | Phone numbers: Green Cove Springs area: 904-284-6500 Orange Park/Middleburg area: 904-272-8100 Keystone Heights area: 888-663-2529 Teachers back: Monday, Aug. 17Web: Columbia.k12us | Phone: 386-755-8000 Teachers back: Monday, Aug. 24Web: Duval | Phone: 904-390-2000Bus information: School-by-school routes/times | 904-381-RIDE Teachers return: Monday, Aug. 24Web: Flagler | Phone: 386-437-7526 Teachers back: Monday, Aug. 11Web: | Phone: 904-491-9900 Teachers back: Wednesday, Aug. 18Web: Putnam | Phone: 386-329-0541 Teachers return: Wednesday, Aug. 20Web: Union.k12us | Phone: 386-496-2045 For information on Southeast Georgia schools, visit click here.

Most parents are aware of when the kids return to class, but in case you need the information, here's a complete list of school district start dates for each county, along with links to more information.

She won’t want expensive gifts; you can buy storybook for her birthday, flowers for Teacher’s day, craft punchers for Christmas.

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