Radiocarbon dating the dead sea scrolls

24-Nov-2019 00:34

In 2017, researchers revealed they had found another cave in the same area that possibly held scrolls or pieces of papyrus and leather intended to be written on.

An influential early theory held that members of an ancient, celibate Jewish sect, the Essenes, lived at Qumran and either wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls or were caretakers of these religious, legal and philosophical documents.

This represents the ideal date for the amount of 14C measured for the sample.

However, as there is fluctuation from year to year as to the quantity of 14 absorbed by all life, the figure needs to be calibrated based on the known fluctuation.

The Dead Sea Scrolls generally are considered to have been copied by the Qumran community, text-align: justify" Scholars with a special interest in obtaining carbon 14 dates for particular texts because of the documents' contents suggested which scrolls from the Judean Desert might be dated.

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But over the past 30 years, other possible inhabitants of Qumran have been proposed, including Bedouin herders, craftsmen and Roman soldiers.