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19-Jan-2020 11:28

Many people earn a decent living, but would define success as much more than money.

For many it is also about happiness, positive relationships and the ability to contribute to something you care about.

What did you find emotionally fulfilling when you were younger?

Often this is due to a lack of time, or pressure from society to pursue something that comes with a (often financial) reward. However, unlimited free time often encourages people to fill the time in a productive manner.

Write down a few ways you would spend your free time, and then try one out on your next day off.

From writing to building figurines, children are actively encouraged to follow their passions. Would you still feel passionately about the same things now?

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However, we often stop doing the things we were passionate about as a child. If you didn’t have to work and you weren’t allowed to stay in the house, how would you choose to spend that time? In the evenings, many people like to relax and unwind. Bring out your inner-awesomeness so you can improve your love life. * You will get Instant Access to Full versions of 400 videos that will solve your dating problems!you will get all my NEW videos that you can't get anywhere else! ♥ Dating Advice: "What is the best way to accelerate from casual dating to a relationship?To stay productive, and minimize stress, you have to learn the Gentle Art of Saying No — an art that many people have problems with. Well, to start with, it can hurt, anger or disappoint the person you’re saying “no” to, and that’s not usually a fun task.

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