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19-Jan-2020 23:53

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It was a heated debate and my friend being anti-vegetarian for some reason refused to believe my theory.In addition, I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how vegetarian dating should be one of the categories in which to filter potential dates by.However, now I have a chance to somewhat prove my point.I did searches with the Plenty of Fish demographic tool for interests involving the words vegetarian and barbecue.Luther- Idris Elba, Escape to the Country, antique shows, Shaun the Sheep. The objections I hear to polyamory tend to separate into two narratives sharing a common thread.This search brings up a whole statistical breakdown from gender, income ranges, education, marital status, height, body type and even drinking ability.

Yea I know, if you're a stats junkie like me this is a pretty sweet find.Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me and I started plugging stuff in.For some reason the word "zombies" popped into my head and figured that was as good a place to start my search as any.You see, I'm a bit of a drinker myself and it's important to me that I can drag my female dates out to my favorite watering holes with me.

Even when I'm browsing chicks on the Plenty of Fish site, I tend to filter by drinking habits... Anyways, I'm a little disappointed to see that a large majority of the vegetarians on the site don't drink at all. Although, I suppose you could always use your date as a designated driver...For instance, did you know that people interested in necrophilia have a 300% divorce rate? Despite my juvenile usage of this neat Internet tool, I decided to put my mind to better use.Recently I had an argument with a friend of mine which I declared that the overall population of vegetarian females was hotter than the overall population of omnivores.Are you having trouble looking for dates with high I. Well, all you have to do is a search on your favorite online dating site for the word "vegetarian." Yup, that's it, one simple search for vegetarian singles and you easily narrow down the gene pool to the hottest and brightest. So there I was poking around my favorite free online dating site, Plentyof, when I stumble upon a little known component of the Plenty of Fish dating site.