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Long journeys confined to a yacht can take their toll on the body, if you let them.In order to stay in shape, yacht crew need to overcome numerous on-board obstacles like exhaustion, limited space and restricted gym facilities, the list goes on. Knowledge is power, and as cheesy as it might sound, knowing local laws and associated immigration quirks will save you plenty of future headaches.Do you have an interest in Engineering / Diesel Engines OR a Diploma/Degree in this field?Engineers play a pivotal role onboard and are responsible for the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht.And if everyone fell, the last time we had as well.

We offer a free personal consultation service and provide each and every student with a Yachting CV template, Professional & accurate budgets, Worldwide crew agency & crew accommodation lists.

We have aligned ourselves with various partners who assist all our students with gaining their Visa's, Seaman’s Books & Offshore Bank Accounts.

We look forward to helping you with all your Superyachting needs.

Leading the field in Professional Superyacht Crew Training and relevant Superyacht info, Certified Superyacht Academy has trained over 5000 crew and continues to be an industry pioneer.

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Having grown considerably over the years, we now have a global reach and provide training for many people from all around the world.On the eve of 31st March 2015, an unexpected call was received by the Certified Team notifying them that they had in fact been chosen to represent South Africa at the annual Superyacht Awards in Amsterdam.Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Certified Superyacht Academy were...So, you’re a qualified and experienced Chef looking to make the transition from land to sea.