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Karen had already invited Nathalie Claude and Rebecca Patek to Performance Mix.She asked me to complete the curation and to link it to the Edgy Women Festival.At Studio 303, it’s a bit more casual and there is often beer involved.

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Distinctly after 23 years of feminist performances, Edgy has formally ceased activities.

I’ve come to realize that I’m drawn to artists who are intensely driven by curiosity and who explore discomfort and grey zones.

It’s hard to talk about how feminist performance art has shifted over 2 decades because from my twenties to my forties I have changed so much, as has my exposure to different forms etc…

Yes, but these are hard to articulate and identify.

The contexts have been different too and that’s going to influence how the work is read…Now, our 4 full-time staff each wear at least 2 hats!Because we highly suspect that the funding cut was politically motivated and specifically in reaction to Jess Dobkin’s Lactation Station project that we produced, we determined that trying to maintain the funding without compromising our programming was not possible.Some people are unable to move forward if they aren’t sure they’re doing something right, but this paralysis is very dangerous I think. My co-director Paul called it Women from the Edge (or maybe Karen came up with the title – all I know is it wasn’t me! Karen embodied this weird quality that I loved that reached my feminist heart and soul. I think we’d propose artists to each other and choose 3 each and programmed them at some point.