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A brutal, tormented man, Kratos begins the series as the sword of Olympus, fighting the enemies of the gods while trying to escape the horrors of his past.

It features a simple, intuitive combat interface that made fighting remarkably easy.

is a Hack and Slash and Action-Adventure video game series for the Play Station line by Sony based in ancient Greece, but an ancient Greece where all those bizarre things you read about in Classical Mythology textbooks exist.

One Spartan soldier, Kratos, has a personal relationship with the Gods that can best be described as complicated.

Natsu is also among the five Dragon Slayers sent to the future from four hundred years past, having an additional purpose in the assistance of the defeat of Acnologia. Natsu is a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tan skin tone, black eyes, spiky pink-colored hair, and has abnormal sharp canines; Natsu has a scar on the right side of his neck, hidden by his scarf.

Natsu's guild mark is red and is located just below his right shoulder.

Natsu has even gone as far as defending Laxus from being expelled, despite his attempt at taking over the guild.

Kratos's default weapons are the Blades of Chaos, which are swords on the ends of very long chains; they function as both melee weapons and Whip Swords, or perhaps Swordchucks.

Face buttons allow the player to jump, switch between Weak and Strong attacks, and use throws and Finishing Moves, stringing together combos and special moves in a visceral and satisfying combat engine that combines graceful, almost balletic special attacks with the gruesome satisfaction of literally ripping enemies in half.

In the year X791, Natsu's attire receives minor changes.

He now wears an open-collared, one-sleeved version of his original waistcoat, which is instead tucked in and zipped.

He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile it might seem.