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I was in, “Noises Off”, with the wonderful Millicent Martin and we became great friends. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?Two bits actually: Stay in the moment, forget what’s just happened or what you’ll be doing in the next scene AND never take what anyone says about your performance personally, whether it’s good or bad. When I’m presenting, I’m being myself, it’s not a performance.For me, live telly and live theatre are both such a buzz.

After “HWMC” Dawnn won a Grammy, and the coveted title of songwriter of the year from ASCAP and BMI.

They could potentially destroy each other at this point so he has to work hard to soften the situation.

A scene I’m not in but I really enjoy hearing is when Elphaba arrives at University, culminating in her singing, “The Wizard And I”. You’ve done a lot of television in your career, how does this compare with being on the stage?

Can you tell us something people might not know about you?

While dealing with the madness of crazy students and faculty, he also dealt with the craziness of his two female roommates, and soon his family when they popped up in the second season. He became a recurring character on “The Drew Carey Show” when he became Drew’s new boss.

Mark Cooper was an old friend of hers, and she invited him to stay with her and Vanessa, and she also got him the teaching job.

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