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Following her kiss with Jamie, Binky is left disappointed when he doesn’t call.

Spencer continues to make an effort with Andy as he invites him and the boys to play volleyball in Brighton, and Millie welcomes old friend Sophia back to London where she reveals she has a history with both Francis and Spencer.

But in true Chelsea style at the same time Sophia decided it was Francis she wanted and dumped Proudlock and headed to Francis’ house.

Unfortunately for Sophia she arrived to find Ashley at Francis’, leaving her with single. Earlier in the show Sophia told Millie she felt “like an idiot” over the situation but had Ashley not been around she would have gone for Francis. Francis was seen presenting Sophia with his beloved bear as an early Christmas gift.

Meanwhile in an attempt to put his feelings for Louise aside, Andy asks Sophia out on a date.

Cheska arranges a boys night to cheer Binky up, and Spencer decides to arrange a boys night.

Ollie is introduced to Ianthe’s friend, Danielle, but it doesn’t go to plan as Ollie doesn’t feel a connection with her.

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Binky is still left confused by Jamie as he refuses to make any effort with her.After he overhears a conversation about Louise, Spencer has it out with Andy over his feelings towards her.The next day, Sophia is shocked to find out about Andy and Louise, and Jamie is caught on a date with Lucy by Ollie and Cheska.She started by seeing Proudlock but that didn’t stop Francis Boulle falling for her, as they bonded over art galleries.

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