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It's up to Sackboy to stop him, and rescue the Creators!In Little Big Planet, players get to control a fully customisable Sackperson (often known as Sackboy).The stickers can be created from photos taken from the Play Station Eye.A resource system is also in the game, where sponge and other items are collected by the player in order to fuel their ability to build new objects.This Sackperson is controlled with the left analogue stick that lets them move left or right and between the 3 layers.Like many games players jump with the X (cross button) and can grab objects using the R1 Button.After the player has completed the first theme, The Gardens, they will be able to access Create mode, Little Big Planet's integrated content-creation system.Any level or individual object can be edited by the player.

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Some of these items like stickers can be placed in the main levels or on the Sackperson.

The materials act realistically; wood does not change shape when you stand on it or grab it, while felt "squishes" and deforms.

Objects are selectable from a pull-out menu, nicknamed a Popit, accessible at any point during play.

All objects and surfaces can have "dangers" applied to them.

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Any object can be set on fire, electrified, or turned to gas and the character will react differently when it comes into contact with each of them.While gas is also lethal, and is generally the hazard found at the bottom of bottomless pits. The player can also be crushed if trapped under or between heavy items.Objects are made of many different, selectable materials, such as felt, wood, metal or sponge.Fire will singe the character if it is touched briefly but he will die if in contact with it for a longer period.

The first patch for the game, dubbed "Cupcake", addresses. levels since the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 in January. charming and disarming it'll have you beaming in no time.… continue reading »

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No discussion of gamesharing, modding, or anything that breaks the PlayStation and/or LBP ToS, no exceptions. Any threads regarding it will.… continue reading »

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Nov 18, 2014. Sony's LittleBigPlanet series has always been known as a place for people to. UPDATE Sony kindly got in touch to let us know that the bug.… continue reading »

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