Jaheim who is he dating

27-Oct-2019 20:03

Although there have been numerous black sitcoms on the air, we can do a process of elimination on a few of the shows.The shows the actor did “NOT” appear on: Good Times, The Jefferson’s, What’s Happening, The Cosby Show. Also, we hinted in a prior blind item about this actor regarding downlow activities, Paris visited message boards that copied and pasted that particular blind item and most of the participants guessed his identity.A young lady got in touch with me last week and related this disturbing story to me and she also emailed me numerous photos of her and “the subject” of this blind item.A few years ago, she cared for her brother before he died of AIDS.He finally confessed saying, he probably got infected at one of the downlow parties he attends, he also told her that he has had the virus for three years and he admitted to having unprotected sex with women and men on a constant basis.She was enraged, not only did he have the virus, he just admitted to spreading it intentionally and he confessed to She screamed, ‘no wonder you didn’t want to wear a condom,’ he said, ‘Hey, someone gave it to me.’ She slapped him and stormed out the door! She wanted to put this incident behind her but she found out, the actor was dating a black female actress.The young lady who related this story says “A headache may have saved my life-because over time, I may have become comfortable & trusting and let my guard down by having unprotected sex with him.“This same headache may have also saved the actress’s life.” Hints …

Despite calling the “Health Department” on him, it is rumored the actor is dating an up and coming black female in the entertainment industry on the East Coast.

As if "chickenhead" episodes somehow counter hundreds (hell, thousands) of years of patriarchal privilege, Hollister can get open with "Baby Mama Drama" ("somebody out there know what I'm talking about") and Joe gets his sympathy on with "Stuttering". With the release of his follow-up Still Ghetto, Jaheim is poised to become one of the most significant R&B vocalists of his generation.

Jersey native Jaheim, fully embraced the "Thug Soul" aesthetic on his debut Ghetto Love which featured tracks like "Just in Case" and "Could It Be" where he sang about his thuggish-ruggish lifestyle and his vulnerability ("could it be the drop-top Benz, that got your friends going out on the limb . The first name that comes to mind when you hear Jaheim, is the man who was often referred to in his prime as "Teddy Pender, the Female Bender".

We do not know whether the story related in the text of the article is an accurate description of real-life events (involving Darius Mc Crary or anyone else).

AOL Black Voices Columnist Jawn Murray contacted Darius Mc Crary, reporting that the actor said the Mc Crary has a good idea of who started the false chain mail about him.Real thugs don't go to church, real thugs don't love their mommas, and real thugs can't appreciate fly-ass chords in a classic soul recording.Or so folks thought back in the early '90s when the brothers Hailey and Degrate (K-Ci, Jo Jo, Mr.Though the disc was written and recorded rather quickly over a four month period, Still Ghetto is one of the most accomplished pieces of corporate soul, produced in the last few years.

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Jaheim Hoagland is an American R&B singer and former rapper, better known by his mononymous stage name of Jaheim. He was signed by Naughty by Nature's Kaygee to.… continue reading »

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Nov 1, 2005. R&B artist Jaheim has set a Dec. 13 release date for this third album, "Ghetto Classics."… continue reading »

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