Is michael phelps dating schmidt

27-Jan-2020 16:26

Taylor Lianne Chandler, who started dating the Olympic swimmer in August after they met through the dating app Tinder, announced on her Facebook page that she was an intersex baby and named David Roy Fitch by her parents.

She wrote: '' I was born intersex and named David Roy Fitch at birth.

My birth certificate was modified along with my name while I was a teenager, prior to any corrective surgery.'' But she added: '' I was never a man, never lived as a man.

No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man.

Perhaps most shockingly of all, 40-year-old Taylor Chandler - who claims she embarked upon a relationship with 30-year-old Phelps after meeting him on Tinder - has referenced the recent HIV revelation of Charlie Sheen. He's not the safest when pursuing his extra curricular activities outside the girls he is 'dating'.""One of the hardest things ever for someone dealing with a gender challenge to deal with is an ex having a baby with another woman.

"Let's just say he makes Charlie Sheen look like an amateur! It reinforces that lack of self worth, being woman enough.

https://uk/news-real-life/real-life/pregnant-woman-asks-facebook-help-sexual-experiment-horse-s-baby/#. U8j5r14l5s Q "Pregnant woman asks Facebook to help after sexual experiment ""PREGNANT WOMAN ASKS FACEBOOK FOR HELP: ' COULD THIS BE MY HORSE' S BABY?But we’re not going to focus on Michael Phelps in Rio today.We’re going to focus on what being the most famous swimmer of all-time gets you.She said: "I originally changed my name to Paige Victoria Whitney.

"After a brutal rape and a horrible trial in 1993 I went away to get my surgery and changed my name to Taylor Lianne Whitney to escape back into anonymity and have a normal life." Post by Taylor Lianne Chandler.

"I have cried now for an hour, thrown up anything in my system till I dry heaved.