How does adult cam to cam work

23-Nov-2019 05:39

The lock consists of a metal plate, which is called a cam, that is attached to the core of the locking device and rotates as the key is inserted and turned. This lock is opened with a regular flat key that is designed like a house key or car key. This lock, which operates the same as the flat key cam lock, is opened with a key that is a round tubular shaped object that pushes into the cam lock.

The cam rotates between 90 to 180 degrees, locking and unlocking. As opposed to having a flat opening, the tubular cam lock has a circular opening for the key to be inserted.

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It can be a motorist’s independent witness when involved in an incident, while also saving motorists money on their insurance.

In order to record when you’re not driving your dash cam will need power from a hardwire installation or from its battery if it has Intelligent parking mode.