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Sequencing of 16S r RNA gene libraries revealed that the dendrolitic cone tips were enriched in OTUs most closely related to the genera Phormidium, Leptolyngbya, and Leptospira, whereas mats at the base and adjacent to the dendrolitic cones were enriched in Synechococcus.

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The degree of mineralization (carbonate content) increased with depth in the dendrolitic cones.

An understanding of the processes that control the formation of microbialites and determining the geochemistry of these structures will help to more accurately interpret the ambient ancient environmental, geochemical and physical conditions.

Conical microbialite forms are well known from the rock record and occur at various scales (millimeter to decimeter), but modern examples, especially from carbonate-precipitating environments, are rare.

Thus, we provide a new model system to address how microbial mats may be preserved over geological timescales.

However, as structures that have undergone lithification and post-depositional diagenetic alteration, most ancient microbialites lack preserved microfossils or unobscured information concerning their formation and the chemistry of their environments.It is useful to characterize these and other modern conical analogs of ancient microbialites to support the development of a formation model and to better understand their preservation potential in rock over geological timescales.Here, we present a detailed physical, geochemical, and genomic characterization of semi-lithified carbonate, dendrolitic conical microbial structures (i.e.Swall Meadows resident Stephen Kalish asked whether the consultants would consider air traffic from planes larger than what the FAA has told the Town it will allow.