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The three eventually brought up some memories, in which Helena realized Oliver and Laurel were together.

Tommy and Laurel had a small argument, and eventually, things grew awkward and the group dispersed.

She is the daughter of the late Frank Bertinelli, the fiancée of the late Michael Staton, and the ex-girlfriend turned enemy of Oliver Queen.

She was set on destroying her father's crime empire.

She later returned to Starling City to kill her father because he made a deal with the FBI and the Justice Department to avoid jail time.

In exchange for him testifying against the East Coast family, he would go into a witness protection program.

She recognized herself in his story and decided to let him help her in her crusade.

Oliver tried to teach her that there was another way to take down her father without killing innocent people.

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Helena and Oliver went out in a restaurant, but ran into Laurel and Tommy, whom Oliver invited to eat with them because the latter couple was still waiting.Helena was once in love and happily engaged to her fiancé Michael Staton, wanting to turn her father into the FBI she began to collect evidence for them, but once her father discovered this he mistook, Michael, as being the one who was trying to turn him in and had him killed.In anger and grief, Helena went to Sicily, wanting revenge, and eventually discovered the existence of La Morte Sussurrata, an organization of killers trained by the Hashshashins of Persia when they migrated to Italy.After they separated, Nick Salvati went there to collect protection money.