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12-Feb-2020 20:03

The department announced a competition that would award grants totaling more than .3 billion to states that proposed to undertake reforms drawn from an extensive list provided by the department.Adopting “college-and-career-ready” standards was among the recommended reforms.

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To motivate states to adopt Common Core standards, the U. Department of Education provided incentives in 2009 via its Race to the Top initiative.To be clear, high proficiency standards do not necessarily reflect high student performance.Rather, good grades suggest that states are setting a high proficiency bar—that students must perform at a high level to be deemed proficient in a given subject at their grade level.Similarly, Jamie Gass at the Pioneer Institute in Boston declared, “Common Core is dumbed down.” Meanwhile, teachers unions also expressed trepidation that Common Core standards would be used to assess teachers, especially since test-based evaluations of teachers ranked high on the Race to the Top agenda.

The suit, dating back to 2014, involves Students for Fair Admissions claiming Harvard had discriminated against Asian Americans who applied. The students’ group is opposed to the practice of affirmative action, while Harvard has pushed to keep the suit’s proceedings from public view.… continue reading »

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Shocking Discoveries From Harvard Business School’s Attempt To Improve Gender Equality… continue reading »

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