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Worse…I'll share with you right now a secret technology, that tend to turn women on, and make them want you!

Most guys have no idea how to make women hot, wet and horny - desperate to get laid. Booty caller is a Powerful Radionic device designed to remotely influence women on an energetic level.

The primary objective a booty call her is to get your target to contact you whether it is by phone text message or in person.

This is very powerful and should be used with caution.

Second, he discovered that orgone displays striking features of 'action at a distance' - phenomena known to occur between entangled particles at the quantum level.

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Advanced Subliminal Time Dilation The time dilation feature allows you to take one second and time dilate using hyperdimensional physics and bend time.

In simple terms, it amplifies the effects and a short period of time.

Pheromone Generator 3.0Pheromone is perceived at the subconscious level.


ALL CONTENT (“CONTENT”), INCLUDING TEXT, GRAPHICS, IMAGES, FILES AND INFORMATION FOR GENERAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.Reactions also depend on the time and place and above all on the predisposition of the people who perceive it. Advanced notes: Remember that we live in a holographic universe and you are created in the image of your creator.So you are a god-like being with infinite potential Booty caller is simply the training wheels Learn these techniques and they can also be applied in other ways Just by sending simple sexual energy to a target will make them like you more This will help you just have a lot of female friends Also in this package is an audio seduction frequency that will enhance the Radionics operation.Booty Caller PROMust be 18 years or older to purchase this product It's no secret that most guys find women complex.

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