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Employees immediately thought the delivery to be suspicious as minors at the detention center are not served fajitas, however the delivery driver insisted that had been delivering fajitas to the detention center's kitchen for the past nine years.After being fired and arrested, Escamilla's house was searched by police, who found packages of the fajitas in his refrigerator. It started small and got bigger and out of control," Escamilla said during court testimony, according to the Herald.Our country was built on these principles, but before you think Ive become some bleeding liberal, I also believe that there is a need to vet these people, now more than ever. People wanting to enter into this country, must do so legally and orderly, not through porous holes in our southern border.In todays world, borders are sad, but needed to secure our country.When arrested, they become extremely difficult to bond.Many have aliases, prior convictions and a large percentage of them abscond from their responsibility to answer to our courts for their crimes. My highest rate of absconding comes from illegal immigrants. Last week the president addressed the media concerning victims of illegal immigration.

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Manuel Banales, who handed down the sentence, dismissed an additional theft charge as part of an earlier plea deal made by Escamilla. We come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but we are most often in agreement on topics.I dont want to see photos of children in cages and I dont want to see pictures of lost loved ones.Before you fix your leaking water line in your house, you do one simple thing: you shut off the water.One of my largest lost bonds was on a drug smuggler from Poland who worked for the Mexican Cartel. President Trump highlighted "American victims of illegal immigration" on Friday, hosting families of people killed by people who immigrated to the U. illegally to tell their stories and hitting back at critics of his rescinded policy that separated some children from their parents who crossed the border illegally. These are the stories that Democrats and people that are weak on immigration dont want to discuss." I watched family member after family member holding photos of their lost loved ones and listening to their stories. We have to embrace the fact that we do have an immigration problem and stop turning it into a talking point for elections.

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