Fun inexpensive dating ideas

24-Feb-2020 10:28

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Have a TV marathon that doubles as a workout session.

Pretend to be tourists in the next town over from yours.

Looking for a delicious, filling, and cheap meal out?

Don't overlook your city's food trucks, diners, and fast food joints.

Have a Chopped competition to see who can make the best dish out of whatever you already have in the fridge.

Have a sweepstakes night where you both enter as many free sweepstakes as you can find.44.

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Yes, that means printing out all those embarrassing Facebook photos from 2008.You might just find your new favorite dish — not to mention, a new favorite spot that doesn't involve forking over half your paycheck.Paint a flea market find, take a pottery class, or put together a gallery wall.Marriage experts agree that dating shouldn’t stop when you tie the knot—you should get out regularly and celebrate your relationship!

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