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I could see everything in the mirror and I loved it.

His other hand covered my mouth before his open palm landed - hard - on my little rear end.

" "..little cunt, Master..wet little cunt." "What do you like, pet?

" "being fucked by your hard cock in my wet little cunt, Master..." It was the roughest, fastest pounding I could ever remember. He pulled out with a quiet moan of his own and turned to the side, raising his hand.

He completely withdrew his hand from me and, letting me know just how disappointed he was with my lack of self control, he washed his hand instead of letting me clean it. Until, of course, he pushed me to lean in front of the mirror, on the counter that held the sinks.

I could hear the zipper on his pants but I could not have thought how fast he would enter me. "Master...thank you..." "What are you, you little bitch?

He was terribly careful about not letting me cum yet, stopping just as I started to gasp.

He stopped everything with his tongue and let me cool down before he moved a hand from my right thigh to slowly work a finger into my dangerously wet pussy. Mm..that's my pet," he murmured, his breath still close enough to be a tease.

I could feel his breath on my clit and it was driving me crazy but not nearly as crazy as when he dodged his tongue out from between his lips and darted it to tease my clit.

He pushed me up against the wall of the bathroom hard enough that my body shook, my head bouncing back against it a second time before one of his hands moved up to hold my forehead, steadying my head.

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