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Unfortunately, the fear induced by the amygdala can be a problem for mating. Its role is not just to help you pass time on the grocery line but to temper some of the effects of this fear—to show that we come in peace.“When you have to get males and females close together to exchange genetic material, there are signs that have evolved to show safeness and interest,” Givens said, which curb that fear.For example, if a woman in a coffee shop begins stroking her leg in plain view, you—the person watching—may 😉😉😉 With all these nonverbal cues flying around, it can be easy to misinterpret the signals, especially since flirting is not always used for sex.Humans also flirt for attention, money (think of a waitress flirting for tips), to persuade someone to do something for us—or just for fun.

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Next, the sensory impressions created travel to the hypothalamus, a region of the brain involved in sexual behavior.Another cue is mirroring (or “isopraxism,” in science speak), in which two people subconsciously make similar, if not identical, movements.Givens explains that when he’s observed people flirting in coffee shops and bars (also known as “field work”), slowly but surely, their bodies start to mimic each other, “because safe is same and same is safe.” For example, both people will sip water at the same time, or lean to their right within seconds of each other, or rest a palm on their face in near unison.In times of uncertainty—for example, when you meet someone new you really like—it can also trigger the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn causes your heart to race, your palms to sweat, your blood pressure to rise, and your cheeks to flush.

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