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Somewhere on Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland, a roly-poly, healthy-looking seal sprawls out on a rock by the shore.At times the seal scratches its neck with its front paw or rolls from one side to the other. Sometimes it is joined by another seal, which does what its companion is doing – not much of anything.

“The official interim goal is 400 seals by the year 2025.The greatest threats to the Saimaa ringed seal are fishing net deaths and climate change.“Fishing is highlighted more because it is easier to influence than climate change,” says Petteri Tolvanen, a programme director at WWF.Statutory and voluntary fishing restrictions have improved the situation of the Saimaa ringed seal, but even so, the number of seal pups living to reproductive age is not as high as it should be.If you want to jerk off and to postpone your ejaculation, there are the longest vids as well, and that means that you will not have to rush things but simply sit back and relax while watching the sexiest girls in action.

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