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My roommate was calling to see if we need another 100 pack of condoms." LOL. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what to do next.

Explain to the guy that you need a little help and sometimes it doesn't come naturally.

As far as queefing, I put the cam down to face my vag, and do the same thing. ok,so i researched it a little more, and they say its possible if there is a tear in the vagina or uterus, and is more common in pregnant women but still not likely.

it COULD even happen from a guy blowing into the opening to your pussy but the chances are slim.

Type of Fetish Cam Sites at TCS: With dozens of sex fetish types to discover, you will easily be able to find fetishes that you love.Couple of times members farted infront of me and blamed to their dogs! Sometimes i do not have so much energy to moan, play, write back on pms, and etc everything at tbe same time, i just play a good recorded moan of mine. I can easily suck up air using my fingers while in doggie - two fingers in, open it up, flex and fill with air, remove fingers, push and let rip!I think you can fart with your lips against arm and record it andtime you need it. You could surreptitiously do that off to the side or while you're facing the cam if you want to fake fart for fart guys! Lewis I'm very flatulent, as a side effect of menopause. I get quite a lot of requests for farting, and queefing.My roommate was calling to see if we need another 100 pack of condoms." LOL.