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My uncle, George Mac Bain was a member of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders was captured at st Valerie in 1940 his brother Alexander Alistair Macbain was in the same regiment and was killed in 1940.Uncle George was marched to Stalag XXA where he spent the rest of the war working on a farm. Are any of the men who shared those years of his life still alive? One time in Stalag XXA he was nick named "The Blue Man" after catching a form of impatigo from the cattle and his face had to be painted with blue gencenviolet, does that jog any ones memory?There is plenty of chatter that the couple was first a mentor/mentee relationship between the uber successful Stewart and the fledgling rookie Zemken.As many of these speculative romances go, rumors of their demise are as quick and seemingly viable as their start.We lived in Nairn until 1959, when we moved to Glenrothes in Fife.

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Fast forward five years, and it’s pretty apparent that Jessica Zemken is (or at least was) Tony Stewart’s girlfriend.

Thanks for taking the time to read this My granddad, Bill Mead, is a veteran of WW2 and I am currently trying to find anyone who remembers him or has any photos that may be of interest to him.

He was a member of the Royal Artillery, is from Birmingham and was in Stalag VIIIB Lammsdorf and Stalag XXA.

Many Thanks to all you soldiers for giving so much and receiving so little in the name of freedom. My late father was James Forbes Adams of Nairn, was in the Cameron Highlanders (51st Highland Division).

He was a drummer with Cameron Highlanders (Territorials) Pipe Band, and as he was 18, he got called up to take place of the 17 year old tip drummer.

After that he was involed with teaching youngsters a Cupar PB, and played with the Kelty and Blairadam PB (the year they won the 2nd Grade drumming at World Championships at Perth.