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Anything to unsettle her or make her feel unsafe tends to draw lots of arousal deep within her core.

Rough sex is such a turn on for her, but if her hands are bound with a leather belt, or if she’s choked by her collar, then she’s right at home in heaven.

Cuckolding Not any surface level view can reveal what true skill Sana possesses.

The only member who has fucked each member more than once, she has a way of getting what she wants without doing much of anything.

Attracted to members like Momo and Tzuyu, she usually sneaks in a quick touch or grab at their hips.

As close as she is to Tzuyu, she secretly wishes to be praised like her by the others.Bondage Whether she’s chained to the radiator, tied with rope to the ceiling or even handcuffed to the bed, Nayeon can be found right in her element.Despite being a proficient switch, Nayeon tends to enjoy being restricted during sex.She tries to hide it, but to her its the most attractive part of her members bodies.

Unable to resist Sana in a pair of tight jeans, or Tzuyu’s big brown ass when they shower together, Jihyo thinks of nothing but grabbing a handful.

Dirty Talk Call her a pet, whore, bitch, a glorified fucktoy, or a broken cum slut, Momo is bound to get instantly more aroused than she was before.

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