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The maximum score players must reach in dates increases for that girl as they go on more dates with them.The player only has twenty moves for each date (24 if the girl is full before it), though, so they must use them wisely!In the bedroom bonus mini-game, there are no move limits, broken hearts or date gift usage.The affection level is lower than the average date affection level, but the score decays over time, so players must play the bonus stage as fast as possible in order to win.Einige andere Anbieter finden Sie hier: Partnersuche Seniorentreff ...

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During the date, the player also has the option of giving the girl a "gift", for example the default Stuffed Bear, which will eliminate all Broken Heart tokens on the grid and replace them with Passion tokens.

In order to gain affection, the player must match three or more tokens.