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In an attempt to simplify and cheapen the construction of the MKI liner, BMB ltd. They removed the big oval crown pad and replaced it with a solid piece of x shaped rubber.

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The main recognition feature is the large wire loops to attach the chinstrap to the helmet: It may be possible to see a MKI chinstrap on a MKII helmet, but I haven't yet.It wasn't until early 1940 that MKII liner production took off outside BMB.The MKIII liner was designed spefically for the MKIV helmet and is known as the "Lift the Dot liner" - it is exactly the same constuction as the MKII liner apart from the crown pad.The nut was made of brass and contained a rubber washer which stopped the bolt from becoming lose.

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The MKII bolt was introduced alongside the new MKII liner (see below) in March 1940 and the MKI bolt was then declared obsolete.

Technically the MKII bolt should only be seen on helmets with MKII liners, but often MKI lined helmets were 'upgraded' with the new MKII bolt.(I have not included a picture of the MKII bolt In 1942 a new bolt was introoduced to save on non-ferrous metals - it comprised of the existing "Simmonds Elastic Stop Nut", but with a new bolt - a much smaller one compared to the big flat disc of the MKI and MKII - only 10mm in diameter compared to 16.25mm.