Dating small talk topics

19-Feb-2020 06:27

I mean, how many times have you been on a date and the conversation just suddenly dries up? To make things even worse, it’s not because there isn’t a vibe there.

If anything, the more I've been into someone, the more likely my brain is to totally flatline. It's all about finding that happy medium between dull small talk and going full-on Dr. So here's some ideas of what is good to ask on a first date and when it's OK to dig a little deeper. What’s something people wouldn’t guess just by looking at you? When you were growing up, what was your favorite TV show? Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel to all by yourself?

It’s better to take a more deliberate approach by first understanding which topics are the most powerful on your dates.

(Bonus points if the topic also shines a positive light on you, but remember: you should keep talking about yourself to a minimum.) If you’re on a topic that doesn’t do one of these things, you should move on quickly.

There are two main explanations for this—we are meaning-seeking animals and we are social animals.

Conversing about our experiences and the world around us enables us to find meaning in our lives.

Sure, you probably know some of the basics, and you might even be able to get past small talk, but what then?

That said getting a conversation going is not always easy.

On a date, at a dinner party, or even with a loved one, dialogue doesn’t always flow.

Does the thought of making small talk fill you with dread? Most people dislike idle chitchat because it feels fake and like a waste of time.

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Moreover, engaging in substantive conversations is linked with greater happiness and well-being.

Do you know how to hit the right topics to progress the date, connect with her, and lay the groundwork for taking her home? They go with the flow and perhaps occasionally hit some of the right topics by accident.

There are plenty of reasons why finding topics for conversation on a date is so. just sick and tired of dating and making small talk with complete strangers!… continue reading »

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