Dating old kerr jars

16-Dec-2019 17:49

Do your research Once you know approximately when your jar was made based on the logo, a blog post from Minnetrista, a museum that has a great collection of Indiana-related ephemera, recommends doing a little additional legwork to determine the piece’s age and value.Many of the museum’s pieces are cataloged and viewable online.Though commercial canning and changes in the way people consume food has changed since Landis invented the Mason jar, the jars have not gone completely out of style. Other people admire them for reasons of whimsy, as the jars are a visible reminder of by-gone days.

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These humble glass pieces were designed for putting up fruits and vegetables in the days before refrigeration.

They get their name from their inventor John Landis Mason who patented the jars in 1858, as explained by Wikipedia .