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But I have found there are ways to foster a more hospitable environment for truly casual, romantic dating, and that begins with what I don’t do.First, I do not hook-up (thanks for backing a sister up, Kelly Clarkson).In a more innocent time, the kiss itself would be a delight.To walk home with the girl he likes best, holding her hand, would thrill him to the core of his being.“Casual sex isn’t always casual,” reports Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist at Rutgers University.The hormones released in sexual activity can produce intense feelings of attachment, she explains, even if that’s not what either party wants.Conversations I’ve had with men over the years have confirmed that many can sense if a woman is open to an invitation for a date or not.

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The “what-ifs” of dating can either paralyze us or they can cause us to put too much expectation into the first few dates or even months of a relationship.

These types of situations don’t encourage men to ask women on dates.

And if you want to get married, hanging out doesn't help women or men focus on what it takes to get there.

Older, wiser, married women in my life have told me this is how dating was in their day—Wednesday you might have a date with Bob and Friday you might have a date with Dan, but so long as neither relationship was exclusive, this was considered appropriate, they say, and even helpful in discerning commitment and ultimately marriage. This approach to dating seems more difficult in our culture, where the prevalence of hook-ups has complicated our understanding of male/female relationships.

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Today it can seem that there are two dating cultures—the “hook-up culture,” where physical pleasure dominates, and the “hanging-out culture,” where the decision to avoid hooking-up has left men and women bashful when displaying any romantic interest for fear of unknown expectations.

If he says, “I’d like to take you to a movie,” what does that imply?