Dating for love in sweden

05-Nov-2019 22:01

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Rather self-sufficient and with creative interests. Always wanting to learn new things and not rigid in opinions. By virtue an outdoor enthusiast but am more inclined towards the who I am doing a task than what is up.

Even though I was aware of this I never deciphered the extremes in which the Swedes went to sustain this state of equality.My present includes a favorable offer from my employer that render me time and resource to see more about in particular Sweden but also cultivate friendships and in part taking care of my dad having caught Alzheimer. I like kind, compassionate people who takes an interest in the world and enjoys looking outwards as well as inwards.The last undertaking is for me part of showing thankfulness and gratitude to him for my upbringing where nature adventures was important and our companionship. I am not interested in titles or degrees, to me it does not measure intelligence.More about me is that when 18 I was in to a serious brain damage (traffic) that I luckily recovered from after several years. But of course I like to spend time with friends too when I can. What I am interested in is what makes you happy, how you share that happiness with others, what kind of poetry you like, your fears, your dreams and your hopes for the future etc.