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Group courses are either held intensively, in the day-time, or in the evenings (start: three times a year).Our intensive daytime courses including the intensive language course Dutch for Beginners, our higher levels of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) and our English level courses are organised every four weeks.three equal horizontal bands of red (bright vermilion; top), white, and blue (cobalt); similar to the flag of Luxembourg, which uses a lighter blue and is longer; the colors were derived from those of WILLIAM I, Prince of Orange, who led the Dutch Revolt against Spanish sovereignty in the latter half of the 16th century; originally the upper band was orange, but because its dye tended to turn red over time, the red shade was eventually made the permanent color; the banner is perhaps the oldest tricolor in continuous use This satellite photo shows Northwest Europe.

Each year, over 2,000 students complete one or more of our courses and earn a certificate for an internationally-recognised language level.We create an environemt in which we guarantee optimal interaction with the instructor and fellow students, enabling you to significantly improve your language proficiency level in a very short time.All of our language courses are provided in or near the Roeterseilandcomplex of the University of Amsterdam.The old city center of Amsterdam is the focal point for architectural styles prior the end of the 19th century; outlying areas display more recent architectural styles.

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Molen van Sloten (the Sloten Windmill), on the outskirts of Amsterdam, is a still-functioning polder-draining mill.

In our location at the Roetersstraat 25, we have access to a number of quality classroom facilities.