Dating customs in greece

17-Sep-2019 17:59

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Both sexes usually wore flowing garments comparable to the modern woman's dress. In the Latin language this was called the palla (for women) or the pallium (for men).

The toga was a garment like the pallium, more elaborately draped, and worn only by Roman citizens.

In the past, some biblical expositors casually asserted that all respectable Greek women wore headcoverings, and that among the Greeks (as among the Jews) only disreputable women went about with bare heads.

But there does not seem to be any good evidence for this in ancient sources.

In my opinion this idea raises more problems than it solves.Our most important sources of information about the clothing of Greek women are the many depictions of women to be found on ancient pottery.These depictions usually show women with their hair done up in a knot and wearing a band of cloth wrapped around the head to keep the hair in place, but these bands do not cover the head on top (figure 5 and figure 22), and sometimes there is no hair-band (figure 27).We should beware of putting too much weight upon this evidence, however, because it may be that in these illustrations the women are depicted without headcoverings because they are at home, and perhaps it was merely a convention of Greek art to portray women in this way.