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We're also close to Ashford Designer Outlet, Port Lympne and the ever popular Rare Breeds Centre - so we're the ideal location for a meal after a family day out!Our delicious menu of classic pub food, includng a special menu for kids, has something for everybody, and with loads of great deals you'll want to keep coming back!In the hopfields workers prepare the trellis for the hops - one man stands on stilts to reach the overhead support.The hop workers (mainly women and a few young children) pose for the camera whilst stopping for tea.The trunks of the felled tress provide the workers with a seat when they break from their labours for refreshment.Ashford resident 'Sonny' Hanson was a keen amateur film-maker who started making films in the 1930s.Sheep are sheared with electric clippers and the wool is delivered via lorry to 'Gregory & Prentis' wool staplers in Milton.Out in the fields women sow potatoes and horse-drawn ploughs work the land.

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“If ever a person came in wearing pink socks and defaulted on rent, and it became a regular problem, then we would stop renting to people who wear pink socks.” Mr and Ms Wilson are currently in the process of selling off their empire, because they say buy-to-let is becoming less profitable, but they are still believed to own hundreds of properties in the south of England.1947) when a railway worker is followed on a fishing trip - the action appears to have been tightly scripted and edited.The rest of the film is concerned with documenting the industries and workers connected with Ashford. 1947) opens with detailed images of the workings of Ashford Railway Works, reflecting upon 'Sonny' Hanson's interest in engineering.He admitted that the system was stacked against single people on average or lower incomes — but said poor people were not his concern.

“It is just economics,” he told : "The long and short of it is, every year – between New Year and Christmas – we update our criteria for letting, and like four out of five other landlords we don't accept those on housing benefit or with low incomes.The next section of the film focuses on one of the workers, following him from the factory to the beach at Dungeness where he goes shore fishing - he later rewards his efforts with a drink at The Pilot Inn.Back in Ashford sheep are herded onto freight trains from the pens on the sidings and onto a two-tiered lorry parked in a field.According to activist group Sisters Uncut, 87 per cent of women experiencing domestic violence will have to move home in order to be free from abuse, and domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women.

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