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10-Sep-2019 04:00

But if I upload only 1 file then the same is sent as an attachment in the email. But I am also using webform conditionals module for another online form. But the same is not working fine from Chrome and firefox but works fine if I upload only one file. Thanks(function ($) { Drupal.behaviors.webform_multifile = { attach: function (context) { // Add the extra brakets to all the Multifile fields $("input[type=file].multi").once(function()); // Re-initialize multifile fields with the proper settings if(typeof Multi File_fields !

There are no errors in the logs and also tried on all the 3 browsers(IE /Firefox /Chrome). Do you think my issue is related the webform 7.13 ? From IE I could able to upload the more than one file and receiving the same in the email as attachements and the files are also sitting under the path /sites/default/files/webform Reason to work in IE: There is a condition in webform_(function ($) } (j Query)); But the same is not working fine from Chrome and firefox but works fine if I upload only one file. Also noticed something weird - From Firefox if I attach more than one file it is not even allowing me to submit the form -meaning " on click of the submit button no action is taking place". == 'undefined'){ for(var i=0; i The behavior is weird. Not sure -after enclosing within the parenthesis only it was working in chrome.

You can submit up to three files (maximum size 1MB per file) to document your car.

Pictures are OK, but please be considerate of the file size.

The files were uploaded, but they're not included in the form emails (they're not listed or attached) or the copy of the form that's listed among my webform results. I was able to reproduce these warnings by submitting a form as an anonymous (not logged in) user.

I ran a test of my own with two jpg attachments and the 7.x-1.2 release, but no, I haven't yet tried the latest development release.

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I've installed the dev release and re-ran my tests as an anonymous user.Remember that it will take longer to upload large files than it will to upload small files.GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF file formats are acceptable.(BTW: how many files did you try to upload when you got that result for the $_FILES array)I didn't see any other errors on the screen or in the Watchdog log.

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Oct 1, 2007. First I added a couple lines of code to the TableNewRow event. In the details form code right under the class definition type “Sub New” and hit.… continue reading »

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