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09-Mar-2020 21:20

Newspapers and magazines all over the world send two hapless punters out to a local restaurant for a free meal in the hope a carafe or two of the house red and a hovering waiter will be enough to loosen some tongues and fill column inches, perhaps the most notable example being the Guardian’s Blind Date column in its Weekend magazine every Saturday, which I gently eviscerate on my blog.If I’m harsh on the participants of the Blind Date column, it’s because I speak from bitter experience.Perhaps I could claim that I aspired to give hope to other singletons out there, or make them laugh at my poor fortune. We can put as little or as much of ourselves as we like to get it, although, sadly, we can’t control the attention we receive, either in quality or quantity. My reference to my previous relationship came across as particularly flippant out of context, and my ex was upset about that.It either comes or it doesn’t, and we either like it or we don’t. I was living alone for the first time ever, staring at the walls and fanning myself against the oppressive heat of that first lonely summer. It looked like I’d explained away almost a decade of what was in actual fact a very happy relationship as a mere blip, an inconvenience that I’d dealt with – but I must have known this could happen. Even before social media really took off and we were all superstars in our own storylines, there were plenty of opportunities to show the rest of the world who we were – – playing voyeur to poor hapless souls’ search for romance has never been so popular.Sharing our romantic struggles way pre-dates even the internet; there’s nothing new about matchmaking as a spectator sport.Or to help you make points with that special potential lover?Do you have romantic advice to share with other visitors to this site?

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Meaningful and fulfilling relationships now start online.Cilla Black took her first curtsy on Saturday night stalwart over 30 years ago, with a host of imitators trying to recapture the primetime magic of Cupid’s arrow ever since.Despite the fact that most first dates are awkward, agonising garbage fires littered with bad jokes, deathly silences, revulsion and dreary bickering over splitting the bill, humans seem to have a death wish, ever eager to show off how supremely undateable they really are.I do not believe in regrets, particularly – they seem like such a waste of time – but I am terrible for lying awake at night and replaying bad decisions in my head. They hadn’t picked the picture I liked; I looked like I was leering into the camera (because I was).

One I could really do without, though – I need the space for all my future mistakes – is my decision to appear in this column, back in 2010. I could lie to you here and say I thought my story was worth sharing. One of my favourite things about the digital age is how much attention we can get if we’re up for it. The interview’s paraphrasing of our conversation made me sound quite cold.

The call is coming from inside the house: I appeared in a similar one myself.